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In General,

Today, we have reliable partners for Power Generation Projects, Construction, Refinery build up and maintenance projects. We also have used equipment and machinery in these fields. We have sources selling used refineries and power stations and strong sources and contacts with Global Financiers.
We have good contacts with international groups involved in consulting, designing, building, operating and Financing projects in Power Generation and Refineries.
We did a lot of work in construction.
Our aviation and Yachting department has many years of experience and very good contacts.
In car sales we always find the most newest models of luxury cars for immediate delivery and handeling all kind of other problems.
For law and consulting we are working with the one of the best lawyers office.
In insurance aktivities we have very special programms for different countries.
Our luxury furniture exports partner did a lot of work in the past years and they have a lot of experience abroad.

We do not go after business unless we are quite sure that we have a reasonable chance to secure a contract. Of course there is never a guarantee, but we try to work only with those that we feel are serious sellers/buyers, and have succeeded previously.

Best regards,