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*Power Generation :
We have the necessary expertise and background to complete a power plant of any size and will use both local (Turkish) and International engineering to complete the project both ahead of schedule and under budget.

 We have the necessary experience with my partner Mr. CETINOK  having developed and brought online more than 19 thermal power plants here in Turkey and the surrounding regions ranging from 7 MW up to 850 MW each site. Throughout our  17+ years in this business we have made the necessary contacts and gained the expertise to tackle projects relating to any and all types of electricity production, from Bio-mass, Natural gas, Wind, Hydro, Coal, etc., for example. We have put together a team of 18 engineers here in Turkey and we are currently working on projects ranging from 150 MW Natural Gas in Bulgaria to 210 MW Hydro in Turkey.  In the event of working abroad we have a strategic alliance with an internationally renowned Engineering company to support larger investments both technically and to help make the project “financeable”.  We are in a position to tailor the needs of the potential investor to handle both the EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) and if necessary to continue with the Operations and Maintenance of the plant to provide a complete solution to the investor.

The following is a short list of the natural gas projects we have personally completed and did all of the EPC work for:

> * 2 x 300 MW Natural Gas Moscow
> * 1 x 800 MW Natural Gas Askalon
> * 1 x 120 MW Natural Gas Turkey
> * 1 x 260 MW Natural Gas Turkey
> * 4 x 35 MW Natural Gas Turkey

*Construction (www.yeditepe.com.ua):

We have constructed and put into operation thousands of square meter of residential buildings, corporate and office buildings, retail centers, mass transportation facilities, manufacturing facilities, stadium & sports complexes.
Our company has grown because of our desire to be the best, our reputation of working closely with our clients to protect them from construction risks, and our ability to add value at each step of a project.

*Wind Energy:

We can supply brand new Wind Turbines also used ones,please contact us for more info directly.

*Solar  Energy (Solar Pv-Modules) :

Please check our Web-side (www.getgmbh.com)
GET GmbH (Regenerative Energiesysteme)
Sonnenstraße 22 -80331 München