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A. Health Insurance Projekt
B. Formation of an insurance Company
C. Reinsurance Service

Please find enclosed details about the VIPCover Health insurance policy and other activities from our
For the Health Insurance Project we can also send you the insurance terms and conditions, which
should be regarded as a rough model for the time being. The conditions will of course have to be
adapted to the circumstances of each country.

A.1. Philosophy and goals of the policy
The policy will offer policyholders possibilities unprecedented in treatments (with in-patient stays)
in Germany. Needless to say, the patient can also opt for treatment in another Country.
Treatment abroad only makes sense of course if in-patient treatment is necessary. But particularly
in the case of serious illnesses or illnesses that need advanced know-how and many specialists,
this policy gives the patient the opportunity to be treated in a country with the best medical knowhow
in the world.
Thanks to the policy's unlimited insured sum, the policyholder has unlimited possibilities and
doctors do not have to work to any budget restrictions.
With this policy we want to provide policyholders in different Countries with a "genuine" health insurance
based on the German model.
Another major component is that the policy in principle insures EVERYTHING in other words
does NOT name the insured treatments and illnesses - and works with a clear exclusion list from
which the policyholder can see at glance what is not covered.
The list of exclusions should also only be regarded as a draft. In general we can change the terms
and conditions in all areas and thus also quickly respond to market changes.
Another element of our philosophy is that after an introduction period for the policy the insurer
waives its option to terminate vis--vis the policyholder (PH). One of the main problems in health
insurance policies is that the insurer could in theory terminate vis--vis the PH each year.
The policy is in effect now prolonged automatically from year to year without a specific extension
commitment of the policyholder being required.

A.2. Insurance approach / reinsurance policy
A local insurer who takes on a minimum 10% of the risk will be required if the insurance program
is to be installed.
The local insurance company would also be responsible for issuing the policies and helping in the
risk assessment.
The local insurer will be selected after a market analysis and discussions with several potential
A German insurance pool comprising the leading German health insurers will be probably be put
in place as reinsurer.

A.3. Local selling
The local insurer would also have to control selling of the insurance in the territory. Thus attention
must be paid when selecting the local insurer that it has as many sales channels (agents, bank
cooperation arrangements and brokers) as possible and a broad sales network.
In general, we prefer offering a local partner exclusiveness for a certain period of time in so far as
he can demonstrate good sales figures within the first few months.
Training for the insurer and the sales force will be supported by TPSH and the insurer pool from

B. Support for Formation an insurance company
We can advise the formation of an insurance company in any Country. For this purpose we need a
service agreement with at least payment 100.000 additionally any expenses (flight, hotel etc.) for
two consultants over 20 workdays.

C. Reinsurance Service
Independent to point A. and B. or also additionally to point A. and B. we can give an insurance
company support in handling and execution in reinsurance business for different cases in life and

A. B. C. Next steps
We hope that this has given you a good overview of the health insurance product and the
activities doing by our company.
From the latest information about  many newly developed Countries  that we have to hand, there appears to be very
significant need for such a product and we are certain that the product stands an excellent chance
in the health insurance market in  this Countries  for VIPs.
In so far as you share our opinion that such a product could be very successful, we would be
pleased to identify an insurance partner in this Countries in the near future.
Please contact us directly for more Questions !!