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Investment and Financial

As a Group we are working is a global trade and project finance house based in London since 1994. Its main aim and activity is to provide a wide range of special and structured products for specific financing requirements. As a Group has and maintains global representative network in USA, Germany, Turkey, Singapore, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

As a Group is able to structure and provide facilities together with its investor group as follows:

1. General Trade and Project Financing secured by:
- Acceptable corporate guarantees
- Acceptable banking guarantees
- Acceptable sovereign guarantees
- Acceptable stocks and bonds.

2. Commodity and Metals Financing secured by:
- Pledge of commodity stocks and reserves
- Assignment of export sale revenue income

3.Transport and Transit Financing secured by:
- Pledge of equipment and machinery
- Assignment of export sale revenue income.

4.Oil and Gas Development Financing secured by:
- Pledge of proven deposits and reserves.
- Assignment of export sale revenue income.

5.Construction and Contracting Financing secured by:
- Pledge of property deeds and fixed assets
- Assignment of rental income revenue.

6.Capital Goods Import Financing secured by:
- Assignment of ECA insurance policy;
- Acceptable long term banking instrument.

The above mentioned is a part of facility and products offered by As a Group and each facility is subject to satisfactory due diligence on the borrowing entity, full description of the underlying commercial transaction and to final board approvals and confirmations.

As a Group is able to provide and structure facilities such as short term loan, pre-export finance, export receivables backed pre-finance and syndicated term loan and forfaiting for corporate and banking entities established in the following list of countries:

Vietnam, India, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Malaysia, South Korea, Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Bangladesh, Pakistan

Turkey, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Gulf States, Saudi Arabia

Hungary, Slovak Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.

Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Angola, Zimbabwe, Cote d'Ivoire, Congo (ROC)

SOUTH AMERICA Mexico, Panama, Honduras, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Argentina.

As a Group is in a position to consider other and specific requirements involving general trade and project financing from corporates and banking entities based in the above mentioned countries